The Sound Healing Studio - Providing the support, tools, and guidance you need for a successful career in the healing arts. Your unique gifts are essential to the healing and awakening of humanity.”

- Avery Whitmore
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The Sound Healing Studio is a space for sound healing practitioners to grow and expand. Led by Avery Whitmore, an LA-based healing artist, the studio is deeply committed to the transformative powers of personal healing through sound.

Our mission is to nurture the healing and awakening of humanity. We support practitioners who share this vision, providing them with training, resources, and guidance. We believe in the power of unique gifts in service of humanity and invite you to respond to this call. Are you ready to embark on a successful journey in the healing arts? We're here to guide you.
2024 Sound Facilitator Mentorship
Welcome 2024 with an exciting leap into your healing arts journey. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned yoga teacher, meditation instructor, or a healing artist, our Sound Healer Mentorship is crafted for all.  Imagine starting from scratch or integrating the transformative power of sound healing into your yoga or meditation sessions, deepening every experience.
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Avery Play Bowl Singing
Avery Play Bowl Singing
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Crystal Bowl Store

We sell crystal bowls! Explore our diverse range of Crystal Tones alchemy bowls, meticulously crafted and resonating with peaceful vibrations. Perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, our collection, which has been personally curated by Avery supports your unique voice and journey, helping to contribute to the healing and awakening of humanity through sound. Schedule  your virtual or in-person alchemy exploration today.
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