Sound Facilitator Mentorship

Ready to kickstart your healing arts career and live the impactful life you’ve always wanted?

Cultivate the skills and tools  to help others heal and transform.
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Does this sound like you?

You feel a deep calling to help the world and live a life of service, but you’re not quite sure how to do so.
You know you’re meant to live a creative, impactful, abundant life, and you’re ready to take it to the next level.
You want to use your gifts to help others, but you’re afraid your voice won't be heard or make an impact.
You’re driven by a sense of purpose, but when you do work that lacks meaning and creativity, you feel stifled.
You’re ready to receive the one-on-one and community support and guidance you need to do so.
You’re ready to take the leap and boldly step forward in purpose and service.
You may sometimes feel like it’s too late, like the noise of the world is too loud to cut through with your own voice, like there’s not enough of us to right the ship and bring healing to the world.

These statements can feel true when isolated, frustrated, and creatively and spiritually stifled. When we come together to co-create and receive support and guidance we remember what we've always known deep within us:

Our unique voices and gifts are essential to the healing and awakening of the world.
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Did you catch that?

Your unique voice and gifts are essential to the healing and awakening of the world.

"I’m guessing you’ve already tried a number of things. You’ve attended workshops. You’ve worked with a coach. You’ve done trainings, read books, listened to podcasts."
"While it all likely fueled your desire and the calling you feel, you still need community support to actually kickstart your healing arts career."
Which is a shame, because how are you supposed to live the creative, impactful life you’re meant to live if no one is showing you the path?
"What if there was a training that could do just that, guided by a facilitator that’s been on the Healing Arts career path for nearly a decade? One who also trains and hires practitioners for events and high-end corporate clients?"

The Mentorship

a 7-week crystal bowl-focused program that will help you:
Kickstart or expand your career in the healing arts
Skillfully play crystal bowls
Facilitate powerful sound meditations – virtually & in person
Integrate crystal bowls into your existing offerings

This mentorship is designed to help you:

Expand and evolve your creative expression
Skillfully facilitate crystal bowl sound meditations
Strengthen your ability to hold healing space for others
Connect deeply to your purpose and path of service

I invite you to imagine it

In one year from now, what will your life look like if you decide to finally go for your career in the healing arts? Get specific: what do your days look like, what creative projects are you working on, and most importantly, how do you feel? And what will your life look like if you decide not to? I want you to live the impactful, creative life I know you’re meant to live.
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“But I’m not qualified or experienced enough to pursue a successful career in the healing arts.”
The truth is, you do need to cultivate the skills, tools, and practices to have a successful healing arts career. But in my experience it’s at the moment that you take the leap of faith that doors begin to open for you.
“Can you really make a living as a healing arts practitioner?”
Yes. With dedication, discipline, and commitment to service, you absolutely can. Not only have…

Who is this mentorship for

Anyone who wants to learn how to play crystal bowls.
Yoga + meditation teachers, practitioners, studio owners, and healing artists who want to integrate crystal bowls into their existing offerings.
Anyone who wants to utilize their unique, creative gifts in service to others.
Those looking to tap into and deepen their connection to their creative expression.

Not only can you have a thriving, successful career in the healing arts – it’s essential to the healing and awakening of the world.

Facilitator Training

It’s time to invest in the creative life of impact you’ve always known you were meant for.

Sound Facilitator Mentorship Investment

It’s time to invest in the creative life of impact you’ve always known you were meant for.

3-4 Hours Weekly

Begins February 2024
Weekly Live Calls:
Thursdays Noon PT
Weekly training & homework:
2-3 hours per week
Payment plans & scholarships available


Crystal Bowl playing techniques
Science of sound & energy healing
Creating your sound meditation toolkit
The nervous system & the impact of sound on energy centers
Holding compassionate space for others
Creating a captivating sound meditation – virtually & in person
The Business of Wellness
Brand-marketing for conscious impact
Confident public speaking for facilitation
Sound meditations for the corporate environment
Creative Self Expression
Finding & sharing your unique voice
Integrating other instruments & modalities
Practices for overcoming self doubt
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Do I have to have Crystal Alchemy Bowls to join this training?

I’d be happy to support your process.I have many beautiful bowls to choose from or can help point you in the right direction to other options.

What kind of bowls will I need for this training?

Any crystal bowls will do!

Do I have to attend the live sessions, or can I just watch the recordings at another time?

Attendance of live sessions is required for completion of this training. That being said, we understand that things come up, so of the 7 live sessions, up to 2 sessions may be missed and the recordings watched one your own time.

I’ve never actually played Crystal Bowls…but I want to! Is this training open to complete beginners?

Yes! This training is intended for those who are just getting started -and- those who have some experience (beginner-intermediate). We’ll cover the basics in the first session and with a little bit of practice, you’ll be confidently playing your bowls in no time.

I’ve been playing Crystal Bowls for a while now, is this training still a good fit for me?

Yes! Although we will briefly cover the basics in the first session, most of this training is designed to support the expansion of your unique voice and  to hold healing space for others. As such, you’ll be able to grow from whatever starting point you’re at.

How do I choose the right bowl – or set of bowls?

This is the number one question I get asked by those curious about Crystal Bowls.To be honest, there is no “right” bowl or set. Selecting your Crystal Bowls is a very personal, intuitive process. The best way to go about this? Choose a set, listen to it and connect to its energy.

Each bowl holds a very unique energy; the more you listen and connect to them, the more you will feel this energy.When the bowl or set is right for you, you just feel it.

What’s the best set for a beginner? And how many do I need?

I recommend starting with at least three bowls so you can create a complete chord. The warmest and most pleasing chords are major chords.For example, the C major chord consists of three notes, C, E, & G; having bowls in each of these keys will enable you to play within the C major chord.

How long does it take to learn to play Crystal Bowls?

You can learn to play Crystal Bowls in just a couple of weeks. These bowls are quite accessible and are easy to pick up. With intention and practice, you’ll be playing well in no time.

What makes Crystal Bowls so special?

Crystal Alchemy Bowls are unique in that they are made of quartz crystal as well as other powerful minerals, gems, and metals. While some alchemy bowls are purely composed of one mineral, others may be a combination of several, creating an entirely new alchemy.This is why each bowl is truly so special: in their singularity, they hold magic, wisdom, and beauty that is released through sound.