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Supporting a new wave of conscious awareness in the workplace

The results are in:
By prioritizing the wellness and growth of your employees, you will also support the wellness and growth of your company.
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for corporate clients

When your employees thrive, your business thrives.

Take a look at the studies conducted in the past 5 years

Employers who implement effective wellness programs see a significant increase in employee
Productivity, creativity, & performance
Role satisfaction & longevity
Team loyalty & rapport
Overall health

And a reduction in

Employee turnover
Employee health risks
Healthcare costs
Sick days

This is the power of supporting the healing, flourishing, and expansion of conscious awareness of each individual on your team.

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Avery Whitmore
is an industry leader in corporate wellness.
He creates new, innovative wellness programming for global corporate clients, including hiring best-in-class practitioners all over the world to support wellness initiatives and events.He facilitates powerfully effective sound meditation, breathwork, and other mindfulness modalities that deeply support clarity, focus, productivity, and relaxation so that employees’ wellbeing is fully supported and they are operating at their most creative.
Avery works with many high impact businesses, from today’s fortune 500 companies to local mission-driven organizations, including:
Over the last year, Avery has brought his mastery of breathwork and other healing modalities to our teams. What we have seen in the last year have vibrational gains that are hard to quantify. His work has helped heal so many individuals within our ecosystem that general energy levels are off the charts, which has obviously led to financial gains for all three of our organizations. In addition, his presence alone creates stable and anchor-like energy, something that is treasured during tumultuous times, like the ones we are living through.
Francisco Jara
Founder of Giving Business Soul & The Phoenix Mortgage Group

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